Here is a list of habits that are a part of the life of people who stay fit:

Do exercise even if you have just ten to fifteen minutes

Less exercise is better than no exercise. Give at least 10 to 15 minutes to your body in a day; if you cannot give hours to two hours. You will feel better, healthier and energetic. Break exercise if you cannot do continuously. Like, do 10 minutes of exercise for three times a day.

Mix your routine.

Mix up your workouts. Do yoga some day. Other days go for aerobics, next day dance and so on. You won’t get bored, and you move on happily.

Don’t think that I will skip workout – Think how good you feel after workout

Learn to give yourself an alarm that how awesome you feel after doing the workout.

Don’t get in shape for specific occasions

If your mindset is to lose weight within six weeks because of it’s your best friend’s wedding, then you can never do that. Your goals should always be realistic.

Eat natural and Real food. 

Develop a habit of eating natural and real food like fruits and vegetables.

Keep low weeknight drinking

Make sure you do not drink alcohol too much at night. Not only this, avoid fizzy drinks too. It will not allow you to sleep and you will eat which vice versa will promote unhealthy habits.

Work at home if you are unable to take out time or money for gym

You can watch certain videos on YouTube or even put on the cable TV to watch dance videos

You should always focus on feelings

Feelings matter a lot. If you feel you look good; you will look good but if you develop bad feelings about yourself than you can never think positive about yourself; it’s a fact.

Make others happy

Happy and fit people stay happy and make others happy. They have a good sense of humor. They usually have a habit of cracking jokes without hurting feelings of others. Develop a habit of putting a smile on peoples faces; one a day.

Act; don’t think

Stop thinking I will diet. Stop thinking I will walk. Stop planning and just act on whatever you really want to do in life.

Eat Breakfast

This major feature is almost nearly common amongst statistical studies of the people who achieved huge weight loss. Eighty percent people who have lost almost 30 kgs have developed a habit of doing breakfast. Research also supports this evidence that people who up and eta breakfast tends to lose more weight. In addition, those people who have regular breakfast eating patterns; have better mineral and vitamin status. Our body is like a machine. When one stays asleep for a longer period of time, then he or she needs energy which comes from the first food you eat which is breakfast. Furthermore, it reduces hunger and craving to eat sugary and fatty foods. You make better choices at lunch if you eat healthy breakfast.